Why Barrier Free?

The term “aging in place” refers to the desire to live in your home safely and independently as you get older. Recent studies confirm that most people, as they age, prefer to remain in their own home. The reasons are many.

Independence Matters

Most people want to feel independent and don’t like the idea of depending on others for basic tasks. Although the natural aging process always requires most of us to get some help in life, most people want to be able to get through the day with dignity, privacy and with as little assistance as possible.

Proximity to Family

On an emotional and practical level, it’s nice to be able to remain near your family. From birthdays to holidays to grocery shopping, nothing compares to being able to share life with family without relying on them every day.

Moving Forward by Staying Put

Moving into a new home is difficult for anyone. Remaining in a familiar environment is important for feeling safe and secure. Plus, the thought of leaving friends and neighbors behind, downsizing into a smaller space — often into a group home setting, and figuring out a new life routine — can be daunting.

It Can Be More Cost-Effective than Moving

In many cases, the cost of renovating a home to meet growing needs can outweigh the cost of moving into another environment, such as an assisted living facility, which can cost about $50,000 a year, with no return on investment.

Building Techniques and Technology Make it Possible

Aging in Place is a more viable option than ever, thanks to modern home building techniques, and the myriad of assistive devices that are now readily available. That’s where we come in. LifeStage Home Design can help you determine what accessibility and assistive changes can be made to your existing home, or help you dream up your next home for your next phase of life.